The JOSERA Quality Guarantee

JOSERA is a mid-sized family company located in the Odenwald region, Germany. For more than 70 years now, Josera has been the specialist for first-rate animal food. Environmental sustainability and sustainability in our relationships with associates and customers are a hallmark of the JOSERA Company


Product Development - only the best for our four-legged friends

Good food must not only taste good to your four-legged friends, but also be easy to digest and meet their needs. For this reason, the composition of all our high-quality JOSERA products is jointly developed by a team of nutritionists and specialists from the scientific and business community based on the latest knowledge.


Best Raw Materials – the basis of our quality guarantee

For our premium cat food, we go further with high-quality, natural and healthy ingredients.
We do not use genetically modified raw materials in our super premium products, JOSERA Catfood Quality Guarantee Certificateneither the addition of wheat and soy or artificial colour, flavour or preservatives. These quality requirements are contractually assured by our suppliers. All meat components in our dog and cat food products are of course exclusively derived from animals, which are fit for human consumption. In order to protect the wild salmon stocks we use salmon from European environmentally controlled aquacultures as ingredients in our animal food. As well, we prefer regional raw materials for producing JOSERA Premium Pet Food.

Highest safety with JOSERA laboratory

JOSERA Catfood Quality Guarantee Certificate

JOSERA ensures its products are without any defects and of premier quality. Therefore, we test the raw ingredients before their processing in our own laboratory based on rigorous criteria and high quality standards. Then outgoing finished products are once again checked before leaving the plant. In our laboratory, food chemists, biologists, and laboratory assistants work hand in hand to ensure the best nutrition and tasty, top quality food for your pets. You can always rely on JOSERA feed to provide all the benefits of well-tolerated, easily digestible, and nutritious food for a healthy, nourished four-legged companion. Good nutrition keeps your pet’s skin healthy and the coat shiny. We are determined to ensure that our animal food surpasses all other products in terms of quality and nutrition. Therefore, we regularly submit to voluntary neutral examinations in addition to the statutory controls.


JOSERA – Sustainability throughout the entire line

Our daily actions are guided by our sense of responsibility towards people and the generations to come, towards animals, and towards the environment around us. All electricity for our animal food production is ‘green electricity’ from renewable sources. Our very own rail link to the local rail saves us up to 4,000 lorry trips every year. This keeps the roads open and provides relief for both local residents and the environment.

JOSERA Catfood Quality Guarantee Certificate

The JOSERA location in Kleinheubach (Bavaria, Germany) features a fully automated high-bay warehouse, which is made of plywood from regional forests rather than steel. We also ensure the sustainability of our product packaging. Our products are mostly packed in environmentally friendly paper from sustainable forests or in recyclable polyethylene packaging material. In order to continuously maintain the high quality standards of our premium pet food, we make a point of maintaining long-term relationships and reliable partnership with our trade partners. The JOSERA family company stands firm in its dedication to healthy nutrition, sustainable and cost-conscious procedures and a deeply ingrained quality management. On that you can rely.


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