Welcome to JOSERA – As Unique As Your Cat

JOSERA offers the proper food for every cat. Our cat food recipes are produced without adding wheat, soy, sugar, and genetically modified raw materials. Of course, we also do not add any artificial colouring, flavourings, and preservatives. Our cat food is designed to satisfy all nutritional needs of your cat and to prevent common problems. Carefully selected ingredients, the nutritionally sound preparation, and frequent regular quality controls guarantee the best quality and digestibility. Cats love JOSERA food!

  • Josera Super Premium Cat Food

    JOSERA super premium cat food:
    for every claim the right feed

    JOSERA cat food is as individual
    as your cat. Sensitive digestion,
    intolerance, aging or propensity
    to obesity - JOSERA offers
    optimally tailored food.

  • Josera Premium Cat Food

    JOSERA cat food quality
    at an affordable price

    The highly digestible ingredients
    compositions include all
    important nutrients, providing
    your cat a tasty menu for
    every day.